Dad welcomes MMR ruling

David Thrower

David Thrower

1:10pm Monday 25th June 2012 in

A STOCKTON Heath father, who believes his son became autistic after being given the MMR vaccination, has welcomed a landmark Italian court ruling.

Judges in Rimini awarded the Bocca family £140,000 after the Italian health ministry conceded the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son.

The result has given fresh hope for many parents with similar cases who feel the British legal process has failed them including father-of-one David Thrower.

His son Oliver, aged 25, requires 24 hour care which he believes was the result of a measles jab at 15 months and the MMR vaccination aged four.

The 61-year-old, of Ackers Road, said: “There was going to be a judgement sooner or later from a court that recognised a child’s health had been damaged by the vaccine and this is very important to us.

“There’s a store of dynamite underneath the medical establishment and parents can’t get through to the authorities despite the reaction of children being consistent.

“Politicians are not experts themselves but they are relying on advice from the very people who have fouled this up.”

David, who never had the opportunity to argue his case in court after legal aid was taken away, said he has an objective view of the vaccine.

He added: “Despite what happened to Oliver, I only go where the evidence takes me.

“I accept vaccines have saved millions of lives but I’m not prepared to accept when things go wrong the government should simply shrug it off.”

Oliver’s family said he ‘markedly regressed’ within weeks of the jab from a bright boy who could point to every letter on a bedroom alphabet freeze to someone who lost all his skills and language and was in a ‘world of his own’.

David added: “Oliver was our first child so we couldn’t understand what was going on.

“There was no media coverage and we didn’t know anybody else in the same position so we coped the best we could.

“It was a terrible day when I took Oliver, aged four, to a pre- assessment school.

“They were trying to get him to do a toddle race and he had no idea what was expected of him.

“I looked at him and realised I had got a brain damaged child and I cried.”

Repeated visits to the hospital did not supply any answers until a BBC report in 1997 highlighted an investigation into connections between MMR and autism.

Following that he met founder of vaccine support group Jabs Jackie Fletcher and many other parents who had all experienced the same thing.

He added: “All money would do now is pay towards Oliver’s care but we are determined to get the truth for him and other children uncovered.”

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3:15pm Mon 25 Jun 12 old-codger says…

I hope you get all the answers that you deserve, The medievil medical profession are not keen to admit their failures or liability,s.

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4:32pm Mon 25 Jun 12 Cleopatra says…

It is very wrong indeed when the medical profession can ruin people's lives and then deny any responsibility.

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3:46pm Tue 26 Jun 12 kodawe says…

I do not care how many studies, clinical trials, and statistics people throw out… I watched my child change the day he was given nine vaccinations in one day. I know my child. I know when he is happy. I know when he is sad. I know when something is wrong. I know my child. The doctor who sees him for ten minutes does not! I watched this perfectly thriving, happy giggling child change within hours of these injections, never to be the same again. Within hours of this injection, this child began to run a fever. He cried inconsolably for the next six days only sleeping when too tired to cry any longer. He grew distant. He stopped making eye contact. He became irrational and aggressive. This was a child that hardly cried before these injections. This was a child that giggles and laughed and made eye contact all day long. This is what vaccinations are to me and my child. Quote all the studies you want. There are hundreds of thousands of parents just like me, who watched their child change. Some actually believe the doctors when told it was nothing to do with vaccinations. This is the standard line. It is normal to have some reactions and fever after vaccinations. If you live it… there is no doubt what caused it. It is heartbreaking that there are actually people out in the world that fight blindly for vaccinations, people who have never lived it or been around it. I am sure in some part of their minds, they think they know what they are fighting for, but in reality, they are harming so many innocent lives. I pray these people open their eyes, hearts and minds and realize… this is real. It is not a game.

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5:39pm Wed 27 Jun 12 Jenny Allan says…

Autism child cases began to show a sharp increase after MMR vaccine was introduced into the UK in 1988. How much longer will politicians and Governments look the 'other way'?

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9:59pm Wed 27 Jun 12 bellyblue says…

My Kids and now my 2 Grandkids have had their vaccinations and thank the lord we have been lucky, What is the alternative??? We are trusting and putting our Childrens health in the Medical proffession but what is the answer.. i'm not sure but for the sake of those not so fortunate Questions must be Answered.

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